Ry Kemp & Heath Anthony Split EP

by Ry Kemp & Heath Anthony

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released February 22, 2015

Mixed and Produced by L.Bruce at Open Grave Records, SA.
Mastered by G.Mirman
Copyright 2015



all rights reserved


Ry Kemp Adelaide, Australia

Thanks for listening xo

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Track Name: Ry Kemp - Couch
Remembering back to that one night in the city where we had that moment, it's still so clear, you feel so near to me. It's one of those things, I have kicked myself every now and again
How things change but right now we are too far away
How things change
Now it's 12 years on and those 9 days, we spent together were so much of a surprise. Staying up late drinking till the birds started singing, talking of old times and making some new.
Remembering all the bands from the good ol' days and falling asleep on the couch
We are so comfortable by ourselves
It's like it's always been this way, always been this way
We don't care what anyone thinks and forget that they are around, forget they are around
So now I'm coming home, back home to Adelaide. Where you are hopefully waiting, from the conversations we had, on the back of the bus to the stories that we shared.
It all comes down to now, it's almost not too far, we are so fucking close and I can see the city from here.
So many memories to hold on to
i will have them with me from this day on
Laughter is the closest distance between two people
and i thank you for being the best version of you
Track Name: Ry Kemp - Timing is Everything
Today i learned that timing is everything and I’ve never been here before
it makes me wonder what could have happened if maybe this all started only just 4 weeks before
now i sit here and i think about the things that you are doing with someone else wishing that it could be with me
but all i’ve got is the memories we shared and the hope of maybe again
and i know that you’ve been hurt before but now we’re older and learned from our mistakes i know that things have changed but surely we could work it out again
so i am waiting for
another chance i will wait here
till the time that you decide that its me that you
want and its us that you need
i will wait here till you decide that you want me
and we can be together
if i could go back to that day that i sent you that message wanting to catch up
knowing how hard it is right now i probably would’ve not even pressed that fucking send button
this is something very new to me, normally i can move right on but there is something about you that gets to me
now i know how you felt before and i am so very sorry